The Japanese Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine was held in Osaka the 1st meeting in May 1975, Then through 30 years,the number of members amounts to more than 2,000.We deepen study day and night to contribute to the advancement and dissemination of sports medicine in orthopedics and musculoskeletal medicine, and to contribute to the development of health in mind and body, the prevention and the treatment of sports injuries.


Name: The Japanese Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (JOSSM)
President: Hideo Matsumoto,MD (Institute for Integrated Sports Medicine,Keio University)
  • 1. Holding academic meetings,lectures and presentation of study results
  • 2. Publishing journal “Japanese Journal of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine” and the issuance of such academic books
  • 3. Encouraging studies and performing investigations
  • 4. Commending excellent results
  • 5. Cooperation with learned parties
  • 6. Promotion of international research cooperation
  • 7. Cooperation with the Sports Association, organizations and clubs
  • 8. Giving information to the public and medical consultation
  • 9. Conducting research on systems of medical insurance, long-term care insurance, and welfare for the handicapped (including children), and offering advice
  • 10. Other projects necessary for achieving our goal

Board of Directors

President: Hideo Matsumoto,MD (Keio University)
Vice President: Yasuhito Tanaka,MD (Nara Medical University)
Etsuo Chosa,MD (University of Miyazaki)
Directors: Nobuo Adachi,MD (Hiroshima University)
Norimasa Iwasaki,MD (Hokkaido University)
Toshifumi Ozaki,MD (Okayama University Medical School)
Koh Kato,MD (Suzuka Kaisei Hospital)
Koji Kaneoka,MD (Waseda University)
Tsukasa Kumai,MD (Waseda University)
Ryosuke Kuroda,MD (Kobe University)
Eiichi Tsuda,MD (Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine)
Masataka Deie,MD (Aichi Medical University)
Hiroshi Hashiguchi,MD (Nippon Medical School)
Hiroki Funasaki,MD (The Jikei University)
Toshihiko Yamashita,MD (Sapporo Medical University)
Inspectors: Takeshi Muneta,MD (National Disaster Medical Center)
Shinichi Yoshiya,MD (Hyogo College Of Medicine)

Annual Meetings of JOSSM

DateSeptember 7-9,2018
Venue ASTY Tokushima (Tokushima city)
PresidentKoichi Sairyo,MD (Department of Orthopedic,Tokushima University)

Combined Meetings of JOSSM-KOSSM

Date September 8,2018
Venue ASTY Tokushima (Tokushima city)
President Koichi Sairyo,MD (Department of Orthopedic,Tokushima University)